Fashion Fix-It Tips for the Bride from NYC Celebrity Stylist Allison Berlin of Style Made Simple

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Highlights from The Wedding Salon LA Event held at the Beverly Hills Hotel

If you were lucky enough to attend The Wedding Salon’s LA Event held at the posh Beverly Hills Hotel in California, then you know firsthand the great inspiration and ideas that were at your disposal for planning your Luxurious Wedding Day…..

If not here’s some pics, representative of this FAB event for your own online inspiration!

Highlights from the The Wedding Salon LA event at the Beverly Hills Hotel on Sept 22nd, 2008

Our thanks goes out to Jihan Abdalla Photography and the Wedding Salon for sharing the outstanding photos of this event held on September 22nd. 2008.

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Top Bridal Make-up Tips for the Bride from Hollywood Make-up Artist June Westmore

The Finishing Touch and Make-up Artistry by June Westmore As an affluent bride on your wedding day, you want to look your absolute very best but with all the stress of your wedding day events taking place, you may not be feeling quite like yourself.

The Finishing Touch and Make-up Artistry by June Westmore
is as an Emmy award winning Hollywood make-up artistry professional who can help you simply relax on your wedding day, with the assurance that you’re truly engaging the services of a bridal PROFESSIONAL who knows firsthand, how to make your day evem more special, by transforming you into a picture perfect bride-to-be.

Looking your best on your wedding day or a photo shoot means not only looking fabulous as a bride, but having the camera correctly capture and translate to paper your perfect look for your wedding. One thing that Hollywood has learned in its 100 years is that the camera requires a certain amount of assistance to make even fabulous looking people appear fabulous on film.

Some make-ups however, can make you looked washed out or over done, especially when flash photography is used. So as a bride, why leave anything to chance?

It’s always best to have your Make-Up applied by a professional bridal make-up artist who understands what the camera needs given the setting and timing of your wedding. And with a little touch here and a little touch there, you too can look both glamourous and beautiful with the THE FINISHING TOUCH by one of Hollywood’s Award Winning Make-Up artists.

As one of our recommended bridal make-up artists you can find more about the many bridal make-up artistry packages and services offered by The Finishing Touch and Make-up Artistry by June Westmore HERE

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Our Personalized Wedding and the Honeymoon Registry

Luxury honeymoon

From Author: John Schnatterly

Our wedding cost us a fortune. Not a wealthy person’s fortune, but ours. We wanted it to be perfect and it was. Every detail was considered, every moment an occasion. After all, we had waited ten years to do this. We’re glad we waited too. This is a world with an over-abundance of divorces and unhappiness. I certainly don’t blame the express flight to the alter for this. My great-grandparents had a 60 year long honeymoon after getting engaged on their third date. My parents took a leisurely four months to wed and are the happiest couple I know. Some say the world is a different place now. I think that’s probably true, even though our ten years could have been seven without risk to our wedded glow. So after ten years, you might say we did it up pretty good. We feel that what made the day so special was the personalization. Our guests got to know us even more that day.

Our wedding and reception were held at a beautiful mansion on Long Island. However, most of the personal touches for our wedding were the free or inexpensive details. They were the details that took the most time, but worth every minute. We placed framed photos throughout the five rooms we were using and made sure we included all our guests in the shots. During cocktail hour we passed around wine from our home states of Virginia and New York. In lieu of a carving station we had raclette, a very personal cheese and potato dish many of our friends and family have shared with us. Because it was spring and this was a culinary school, we named our tables after herbs and their corresponding mythical powers. We displayed important personal poetry throughout as well. We are abundantly fortunate to have a very close and spiritual friend that performed our ceremony, who was willing to get the appropriate credentials to make it legal. On the pricier side, we had a quartet play for and before the ceremony and during the cocktail hour. For me, nothing beats Ave Maria by cello. We also spent a dime on a videographer to capture it all. While I love the photos, nothing brings the event to life like seeing and hearing it all over again. After the carefully chosen dinner, with the help of three great friends, I surprised my new wife with an a capella barbershop quartet song that she now claims as her favorite.

We followed up the wedding with a carefully planned honeymoon. We went to Thailand and Malaysia, which were beautiful as well as easy on the dollar. We incorporated time on the beach on the island of Koh Samui, adventure travel in the jungle and mountains of Malaysia and lastly spent time at a luxury hotel in Bangkok. Our honeymoon had the added element of personalization for our guests because we registered for it. After ten years we didn’t need a lot of stuff so we only registered for upgrades of a few items to cherish. The guests who used our honeymoon registry felt wonderfully connected to our unique trip. They gave us a gift of memories.

To personalize your wedding, try some of the following:

Do think outside the box for your reception. Being foodies, we found a culinary school associated with my wife’s college at a beautiful mansion. It ended up cheaper than less attractive alternatives.

Do place photos of your guests all around your cocktail and/or reception area.

Don’t have the photos be of just yourselves.

Do have a personalized menu and cocktail hour tailored to your tastes (unless they’re extreme). Ask about options and alternatives. Serve a cocktail that is meaningful to you in some way (what you were drinking when you first kissed, your first date, the night you got engaged?) Again, think outside the box.

Do play music you love rather than the typical fare. Take time with your DJ wish list. Communicate with the DJ to make sure he knows what you want.

Do think about writing your own vows.

Do register for your honeymoon. It’ll create a buzz about your honeymoon, which will enhance your day as you chat with guests about it during your event.

Do send your guests away with an outside the box favor. Ice cream scoopers and cake servers are over used. We sent our guests home with herbs in a lovely pot. Let your own tastes guide you in this.

We truly wanted a memorable wedding, not a cookie-cutter event. We were ecstatic with our day and wouldn’t change a thing.

John Schnatterly is founder of the leading honeymoon registry provider.

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Your Wedding Wishes delivered on the Wings of a Butterfly

An elegant touch to your wedding.

Add a touch of nature and cultural folklore to your elegant wedding celebration with a memorable and spectacular live monarch butterfly release.

We recently had the opportunity to talk with Christopher at about butterfly releases. It is obvious Christopher and the Live Monarch staff are passionate about these beautiful creatures. They are a not-for-profit organization, whose main objective is to protect and increase the monarch population. (Please read on…Christopher shared a neat idea with us that we discuss at the end of this entry.)

Monarchs are steeped in the cultural lore of Native Americans. It is believed that butterflies carry messages up to the heavens. They are also a symbol of regeneration and happiness – extremely appropriate symbols for a wedding celebration!

Integrating a butterfly release into your event is simple. Breeders, like, will work closely with you and monitor the weather conditions in your area, right up to the day of shipment. They carefully ship the butterflies in a chilled, darkened container which helps slow a butterfly’s metabolism. The butterflies can survive at 50-60 degrees during shipment. Actually, these lovely creatures can “hibernate” for a few weeks.

The butterflies typically arrive the day before your wedding in glassine envelopes that allow your guests to see the butterflies. Prior to the release, you can enhance the meaning of the release by explaining the significance of butterflies. Then, have your guests ask for a wish which the butterflies will carry up to heaven.

Typically, the butterflies sent to you will be younger ones that will visit a few minutes with your guests before flying off. Christopher explained that freshly hatched butterflies tend to stay close within the release area, giving guests enough time for some spectacular photos.

An unusual way to pique the curiosity of your wedding guests, is to include a milkweed seed packet in each invitation. Monarch caterpillars feed on the leaves of this lovely plant. LiveMonarch offers seed packets for a donation. They are a non-profit and their revenues go into protecting and breeding monarchs.

Your guests will think of your wedding day each time a caterpillar or butterfly visits their garden full of milkweed plants. Now, that’s a lasting memory!

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Weddings and Gratitude go hand in hand

 From my own observations as someone who has been part of the Wedding Industry for years, I’ve become quite adept at discerning if a bride,  truly feels hearfelt thanks for her family, friends, and vendors.  She obviously has that certain glow about her and is at ease enough, to enjoy her Wedding Day to the fullest extent.

Letting go of the dissapointments and disagreements that surface as part of any wedding planning process, and rejoicing as to the true meaning of the day,  reflects your own committment  to your mate.  

A grateful bride sees the day as a gift and will avoid thinking of what she would have had, or should have had. Afterall NOW you have each other.

And while it’s so important to feel that thankfulness inside, its equally important to express that gratitude with those vendors, wedding guests,  and wedding party who helped make it possible.

Never get so caught up in the moment to forget the little things.  I’m sure we all know of brides who simply could not grasp the meaning of this, but should be a point well taken.

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