Going Green for your Wedding made Easy with thepurplebook® Green Edition

thepurplebook Green Edition

With Earth Day around the corner and wedding season in high gear, there’s no better guide for families going green and planning weddings than the thepurplebook®

Editor, Hillary Mendelsohn wrote the original thepurplebook in 2000 and has since published annual editions, including two NEW editions (Green and Weddings). thepurplebook is not an overview of Internet shopping.

It is a comprehensive printed guide that features online shops handpicked by Mendelsohn and her team. She has written a green, wedding and baby edition to help shoppers sort through the clutter when buying and researching products online.


To help navigate green waters, just released thepurplebook® Green Edition, “an eco-friendly online shopping guide”, Mendelsohn helps guide readers to eco-friendly shops and provides tips and educations about going green. thepurplebook believes that you shouldn’t have to compromise on style, quality or price to go green.

thepurplebook Green Edition turns its focus to the Web’s finest eco-friendly stores. On the recycled paper, readers find everything they need to go green: fashion, function, food, home improvement, furnishings, garden supply, personal necessities, and gifts for man, woman, and child. One simple book reveals a world full of wonderful and responsible shopping options. Shops featured in the Green Edition reward shoppers’ environmental awareness with unmatched selections of product that have been designed with the planet in mind.

Mendelsohn writes that her team put together the Green Edition with three goals in mind:

Explore the ways we can reduce our environmental impact
Find the best places to shop for eco-friendly products
Share this information in as palatable a way as possible


Planning a wedding involves numerous elements and can be overwhelming with options for even the most extreme “Type A” bride-to-be. But, with the just released thepurplebook® Wedding Edition, “The Definitive Guide to Exceptional Online Shopping”, author Hillary Mendelsohn has made planning the big event much easier. thepurplebook Wedding Edition guides you to the best online sites to fulfill all of your needs for the big day, no matter your budget. It is all about personalizing your wedding and these sites will allow you to be as creative, unique and memorable as you could hope to be.

thepurplebook Wedding Edition offers more than 250 of the best, handpicked online bridal and wedding-related shops in the world. As brides-to-be are researching the perfect dress, accessories or shoes, they can now in a single location (both online and in print) search for and review Mendelsohn’s recommendations in a variety of categories including: accessories, decorations, gowns, favors, party gifts, table settings, and more.

In addition to its usual listing of online shops, the Wedding Edition includes:

A detailed wedding planner
Timeline and checklist to manage tasks and stay organized
108 unique online bridal registries
Helpful sites to aid in the bride’s research, source vendors and services, as well as information on etiquette and traditions
Valuable tips and hints to help the bride every step of the way

To learn more about any of the editions, visit, www.thepurplebook.presskit247.com or to register for free, visit www.thepurplebook.com .

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