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wedding blog submissionsAre you a luxury bridal industry professional, high end wedding vendor, supplier, manufacturer, or couture designer with a wedding related story, special announcement, press release, or event that you’d like to share with our LUXE Weddings Blog audience?

Perhaps you are a recent bride wishing to share the luxury story of your own REAL Wedding or alternatively share your Bridal Inspiration Board with readers in the planning of your special day……if so, we’d love to hear from you.

However, prior to your submission we ask that you take a moment to review our wedding blog submission guidelines found below.

General Submission Guidelines ~

Please note that submitting any article, story, press release or otherwise, does not guarantee it will be featured on our blog. All submissions are then further reviewed to determine if the content presented would be relevant and appeal to our upscale audience. However, being featured on our LUXE Weddings Blog will solely remain at the discretion of our editorial staff. Should your submission be accepted, you can most generally expect to receive an email within 7 business days with instructions in forwarding said images related to your featured post which will include an approximate online publish date. Depending on the particular category, priority is generally given first and foremost to our PANACHE List members for content in most cases. Nonetheless, we are always interested in receiving and presenting relevant, quality content within our wedding blog that is original and not an exact replicated post you’ve submitted elsewhere for same. (*editorial content restrictions may apply in some cases). We also reserve the right to remove blog posts from time to time at our discretion.

gold-icons Images submitted with Posts
*As the vendor, contributor, advertiser or agency of record you assume liability for all content supplied, including text, photos and illustrations. By submitting said images and text, you’ve agreed to having reserved the rights to use said images and text as part of your featured blog post. We prefer to receive Hi-Res images. Images submitted should be no less than 600 pixels wide. We also retain the right to reduce/crop/modify images in such a way as to fit blog format. Watermarks although not required, should appear whenever possible. Photo credits and a link to the featured supplier, vendor, designer or manufacturer will be in place leading back to their respective website. It also the responsibility of the those supplying content to forward us the necessary credits at the time of submission for photos, etc. We are not held responsible for any omissions in this regards as well as those credits not furnished prior to the time the post goes live.

gold-icons Pinterest and Pinning
We absolutely LOVE Pinterest, however as a courtesy to those Affluent Bride features on its blog and main website, we’d like to present the following guidelines.

Due to the overwhelming popularity of “Pinterest” within the wedding industry and for discerning brides-to-be who continually use it to make note of the most stylish inspiration for their own luxury wedding, you will now find a “Pin-it button” above each post presented on our wedding blog, and for numerous pages found on our main website. Please note that featured posts and listings may be pinned by Affluent Bride to its own Pinterest board in providing additional exposure and inspiration for any related vendor or supplier. In addition, it should be expected more often than not, this “pinning” will indeed be done by prospective brides, as well as other bridal vendors and suppliers who wish to highlight a post from our website/blog, related to any wedding vendor, supplier, or designer on their own Pinterest board.

That being said, we kindly request that visitors to both our main website and blog adhere to Pinterest etiquette and keep intact the original url source where you found the photo you wish to PIN (namely our blog /website). We also ask that you make mention in your Pinterest description when pinning, the vendor(s) name referenced in the “Image Credits” found below each post.

gold-icons Our Blog’s Pinterest Disclaimer:
Unfortunately, it remains out of our control if someone chooses to not make mention of the vendor or source of any image in their description when pinning to their own Pinterest board or elsewhere, either by accident or intent. Should this happen, Affluent Bride, their respective owners, partners or affiliates will not in any way be held liable for such actions by others. However we do strongly recommend that PR agencies and vendors, etc., who submit any image(s) to be featured on our website or blog (unless otherwise accepted) make use of a watermark on said images if at all possible.

Lastly, should you prefer not to have your photos pinned in regards to any submission, we ask that you would not submit your article, inspiration board, or story for consideration to be featured on our blog or website if it will clearly utilize any images, since we have no control if your images will be pinned or not by any other party ~ person(s). Since our wedding blog will be most image intensive, it is likely that blog submission requests sent, which do not “allow pinning” or void of images altogether, would in many cases not be considered for a feature on our blog, unless clearly related to a press release, bridal show or event where it can alternatively be presented with one of our stock images on hand.

gold-icons Where to Submit ~ The Submission Process
Requested wedding related blog features from brides, vendors, suppliers, leading bridal manufacturers, couture bridal accessory and gown designers, as well as those pertaining to luxury bridal show & event announcements, may be submitted for consideration HERE.

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